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Undo and Redo functionality in SlickGrid

on Sun, 12/25/2011 - 14:26

In my previous blog I posted examples for addition and deletion of rows/columns. Now I added the undo and redo functionality in that examples.

You can download it from here - SlickGrid Examples


In this example you can,

  • add new row(s)
  • delete row(s)
  • add new column
  • delete a column
  • edit column name
  • undo/redo edit commands

Will try to post more examples.


When multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously, a multi user undo is needed. Global multi user undo reverts the latest action made to the document, regardless of who performed the edit. Local multi user undo only reverts actions done by the local user. Local multi user undo usually requires a non linear undo implementation. Thanks. Regards, application letter help

Drupal can automatically notify the administrator about new versions of modules, themes, or the Drupal core. Such a feature can be useful for security fixes. Thanks.


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