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Cave thieves

on Thu, 08/09/2012 - 00:52


I still remember the day(Aug 9 2006, this very day 6 years back) when I stepped into "Thiagarajar College of Engineering" for the very first time with my father for my admissions in the "Department of Information Technology". It was a dream come true - "Pursuing Engineering" my dream, since my childhood days. Reminiscing the journey I traversed through to become an Engineer, it has been an awesome experience.
Sometimes I'd get frustrated and question myself Do you want to do this? But I realized one thing when I stepped out after completing four year of my college life, which is whatever I paid for and the torments i've been through were worthwhile. Its not because of the five letter degree which was added to my name nor the job offer I had in my hand when I walked out.
Its because of the "Cave thieves" Murugan and Siva, and of course me, without which the group'd have not been sane :)
After the college admission, I hurried back for Hostel admissions. I was standing in the queue for my turn, oblivious to the fate-cum-fact that guy standing in-front of me will stay forever in my life. Truth be told, on the very look of him was a bit scared and started to think that we both shouldn't be offered to stay in same room. Obviously we both were admitted in same room A-11 :( After completing all the formalities I went to my hostel room for the first time with my father. When I entered my room I was terribly shocked. He had already occcupied half the room with his luggage. He had carried everything with him - from toiletries till top-notch stuff. You know what, my certificates were the only luggage I had in my hand. My other room mate Pravin also shared the room who later went to pursue his MBBS. I said to myself "Mathan! you're lost, you need to live with him for an year now". As per regulations four persons need to share a room, and i consoled myself (at least) the last one would be my best buddy. But my hopes went to pieces on seeing him, for he never spoke a word with us for the next couple of days. He is none other than Siva who came to TCE to pursue his Mechanical Engineering. Finally I came to a conclusion that this is going to be the worst part of my life.
But that's how best part of my life get started.
You might think why we call ourself "Cave thieves", well that's because we hardly get out of room. We never stepped out unnecessarily, we had a just this routine - go to college, mess, outing, watching movies together. If you manage to find any one of us, I'm damn sure that other two will be around somewhere. Anyways the credit goes to Satheesh Kannan for naming us the "Cave Thieves"
The above mentioned aren't the only theives, we had Hariprasad and Ragul who joined us in later half of our engineering life.
Teenage is the dangerous part of the life, if you get into the wrong group, it becomes worst part of your life. I'm glad that I became part of the "Cave thieves", because of which my teenage has been a memorable one. Now that all of us are separated and are busy chasing our dreams, we might be separated by distance but the memories of our four years together will remain evergreen in my heart forever.
Life is full of surprises and you might not know what's in the store for you. In the journey of life you get acquinted to lots of new relationships and most of them leave you as a tide but only a few remain close to your heart.  They might not be physically present, close by all the time, but the marks they leave behind stay evergreen in our hearts. Thinking about those very few, you realize your eyes are already showering with joy, just like I do now while writing about these stupid guys who made my life's journey awesome. I'll never know if these guys will stay forever in my life, but I wish they do.
Reminiscing the resplendent road I traversed through,
Group studies during exam hours
Me and Murugan together, loved taunting Shiva
Quarels over solving Sudoku published in hindu
The movies we watched together
The days we spent roaming around Meenakshi bazar where we bought a ton of pirated movies
Caring for each other
Late night chats
Night canteen in Hostel
The rooms we stayed together A-11, B-14, C-11, D-64
Watching cricket matches and IPL with yellings which at times blown up to fights in hostel
The days we realized the purpose of our life
The promises we made to each other
The way they took care of me when I failed in 11 interviews, during those days they never let my confidence go down.
The secrets we shared about our personal life, crush that no one knows and later taunting each other oblivious to the cheesy sentiments
The little fights we had
Our mess dinners
First NSS camp
Latenight browsing in our 24*7 CCC
The movies we watched in hostel theater
Hostel day celebrations
Hostel feast which we enjoyed every month
Finally the moment I cried after long time when the other "Cave thieves" vacated the hostel :(
Those moments were priceless. Missing those days badly. I'd trade away anything if I could get back with those funny little pricks . Thank you guys for everything.

My Friend,
my companion,
through good times and bad
my friend, my buddy,
through happiness and sorrow,
beside me you stand,
beside me you walk,
you're there to listen,
you're there to talk,
joyousness and smiles,
with pain and tears,
I know you'll be there,
throughout the years!


Its D-64 not D-111...

:-) ororuthanuku ovoru feelings  :-)

Wow, I should refute, but in a way i shouldn't too!

BTW wen is out get2gether? :)

Before going through this blog i thought mathan would have posted some pictures of us , but i was not so,

he covered all the untold college life that too in hostel.

Even to say, we have not got us three a, good picture in the whole term of study, but it doesn't determine us.

Loving and caring friends.... all of the hostel friends, I miss you all......